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Choolai, Chennai.

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No. 4/87, TK mudali street,

Choolai, Chennai.

Working Hours

9.30 A.M - 6.00 P.M

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Home is the place where the heart is and we always wanted our home to blissful.
Small changes in the house can save space to make a small refreshing and reviving.
Hence transforming our house to the next level can be the most exciting and enriching your spaces with fine interiors can make an impact and efficiency.

Kitchen the perfect place for a perfect meal!

Organizing kitchen with modules are cabinets that are extremely easy to handle and are designed accordingly to your cooking space with the combination of wall storage units, floor cabinets, dryers, and accessories make it makes the entire cooking process easy.

Stylish Wardrobes

Storage being an essential element is always important and every household and using it in an effective way is also as important as maintaining it.
Wardrobes design for bedrooms can be the best solution to store your clothes in an arranged proper and proper way because you can customize it according to their style and comfort.
These products can easily fit into a room perfect space utilization.

Trendy unit for TV

TV in all living rooms is unavoidable and having it with sophisticated storage can bring in a more organized and luxurious look to your living room.
A stylish and modern Wall mounting TV with a complete standalone TV unit decorated with LED strip lights can literally modify your living room to the next level.

Crafted crockeries

Standalone or wall-mounted or ornamental furniture adds authenticity to a 2-hour beautiful house and it can also adore the kitchen and dining area.
Following a simple but stylish space for showcasing a class where collections or your ethnic collections add more value to your home.

Artistic touch!

Having an artistic touch on you the beautiful walls of your home can bring in more authenticity and make the place more beautiful.
Instead of having a plane unfinished wall placing a portrait or a photo frame this place the wall look more beautiful.
Antiques, metal crafts, wall decors, bookends, lamps, etc., All these add more elegance to the interiors.

Experiencing silencer in balconies

Little space outside our home can be replaced place to take a break chill out and relax.
This place can also be your me-time place which can be our own personal companies pot with flower pot sitting beside the creepers and climbers and texture floor flooring accompanying us along with the lights can be the best chilling spot.

And all these can make more space for your home.

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