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No. 4/87, TK mudali street,

Choolai, Chennai.

Working Hours

9.30 A.M - 6.00 P.M

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Choosing one Interior Designer from the ocean is a lot more difficult task. But choosing the best of what is available is the most important task. Having the right understanding, meeting customer preference, taste and likes under affordable costing are most important.
But you know what, you have landed right! The following are a series of steps to be followed.

#1: Identify your taste and preference.

Before even approaching your interior designers, you need to be clear on the exact style you want. Knowing your preferences is the most important step in the whole process. Also, it would be greatly convenient for the Interior Design Company to understand the likes and dislikes of your style.

#2: Stalk Portfolio

Look into as many project portfolios and visit interior design company websites, and identify few designers who match your style. Look at their projects and portfolios and visit their projects if possible. Have a realistic dream about your website.

#3: Fix your budget.

The nex important criteria are budgeting and it is a good option to make a budget plan before you start with the project and stick to it. Whichever service you are taking either remodeling or creating a new one, some designers charge differently like fixed or on an hourly basis based on the company you select. This can also a factor that helps you decide between several interior designers in your area and to narrow down your choices.

#4: Meet the designers

After fixing the budget, then it is important for you to meet that designer face to face. It is highly recommended to have a visit to your interior design company for better project satisfaction.

#5: Ask all the questions you have

During the meeting with the designers ask about their referrals, experience, qualifications, the services the designer ask for the cost, the duration, and the project and all your doubts.

#6: Take an open-minded Note

It’s probably the most rear thing that a client loves everything about a designer, hence when you have some common tastes and preferences it might at times doesn’t work out. Keep an open mind and don’t disagree with the designer’s suggestions without giving the idea a chance for them. But make sure they are not forcing you with what you don’t really want to because it’s absolutely uncomfortable to live with. Have a complete set of notes and comparison lists like comparing your estimate, the list of pros and cons. But remember the cheaper option is not the best one always.

#7: Sign a contract & Proceed with the project

Once when you are satisfied with the designer, then it is important to sign the contract with the designers before you work with the work and before paying anything.

Our Story – Different Thinkers Interior

Our Interior Designers Company in Chennai special in interiors like Corporate, residential and commercial interiors and everything you want is available under one roof.We cover all the below interiors under residential interiors in making the residential interiors more wonderful and elegant.

Corporate interiors
We support and understanding your organization’s workflow and provide the service of effective usage and alignment of space in being imperative.

Residentials Interiors
We cover all the below interiors under residential interiors in making the residential interiors more wonderful and elegant.

Construction & Renovation
We provide all types of renovations that include civil, electrical, Plumbing, Tiling/Flooring, carpentry and Painting/polishing works.


We are perfect in providing the working workplace strategy which marks up to the industry standards before implementing in-depth research analysis which suits your company culture and workflow.

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