No. 4/87, TK mudali street,

Choolai, Chennai.

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No. 4/87, TK mudali street,

Choolai, Chennai.

Working Hours

9.30 A.M - 6.00 P.M

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Office interiors in Chennai

Nowadays, organizations are going through problems like challenges with the current ambience and the ecosystem. We support and understanding your organization’s workflow and provide the service of effective usage and alignment of space in being imperative.

Office Interiors

People tend to feel excited always and the False ceiling too, many consumers are looking for a typical flat ceiling look appealing, but at a minimal cost which is also more adaptable to their work environment.
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Partitions are a unique and creative decoration that separates office or living spaces to modern interior design. Our Experience with a collection of attractive partition are marvellous and adapts to the environment.

Work stations

We are perfect in providing the working workplace strategy which marks up to the industry standards before implementing in-depth research analysis which suits your company culture and workflow.
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Office Furniture

Furniture is the main ornament that adds up to the presentation of your company and we help you in selecting the classy yet professional office furniture that serves your purpose.


Getting to Know about the best types of flooring design is important in the workplace environment. This flooring experience is not to do with the stand on but it can really influence the feel of your space.

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Electricals and Plumbing

It is always advised to make the plumbing and electrical decisions first, with capabilities of the space available. Our expert opinion is also this, it is almost half the work done when electrical and Plumbing works are over.

Ac Work

Air conditioning for nominal ventilation and a good environment to work around is essential for work ambience, we work with perfection to ensure our customers are satisfied with their impeccable work.
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Fire & Safety

Fire safety is the most essential feature which is a part of interior designing and this is the most important feature to keep in mind before implementing to ensure a relaxed work environment.

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